Get Upgraded To Platinum Class Funder - Welcome To Tender Funder Club

Get Upgraded To Platinum Class Funder - Welcome To Tender Funder Club

Welcome to the Tender Funder Club where we fund other Entrepreneurs' tenders and purchase orders to double our investments per annum (X2 Effect) certainly far better than the 4.5-8% per annum of money markets. Ready to register and start funding? Have an agent call you click here now!

I will upgrade you from Standard Class Funder to Platinum Class Funder status if you fund 1 project or have funded one PO in the past, as a Platinum Class Funder you gain access to exclusive premium purchase orders with very high returns to invest in, and earn unlimited returns even up to 500% returns per annum more than the standard 10% per 30-40 days or 200% return per annum.

View Your Latest PO Deals Now
View the latest already awarded Purchase Order ("PO") you can invest in now, these simple delivery POs pay on average 30-40 days, click the green button below or click here, you will need to do the quick registration or sign up at the website to be able to login as this is a secure area.

The Tender Funder Club Rules
  • Don't pull out on a Funding deal on last minute after committing - we a business and have operational costs  and this damages our own cash flow plus puts Entrepreneur projects at risk of being cancelled by the Buyers;
  • And/or do not participate in communication or in investing in purchase order deals -  what is your point of joining the Tender Funder Club in the first place?
  • Do not do back deals with Entrepreneurs we show - we work very hard we must be paid, and so we will sue, also you lose the legal protection measures we have in case things go wrong.
Funders who continue being unstable and break the club rules, we unfortunately terminate our agreements immediately.

Standard Class Funder: 10% per month or 200% per annum
Standard Class Funders get 10% return per deal in 30-40 days which theoretically will double your returns per annum if you reinvest the returns and capital every 30 days, certain better than 4.5-8% of money markets, but it is up to you how many times you invest. 

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Platinum Class Funder: Unlimited returns

Platinum Class Funder

Our goal: To develop a set of core funders who become multimillionaires in cash, because we receive R1,1B purchase orders from Entrepreneurs seeking funding per annum, and we want to fund all, and so we create very wealthy Funders behind us. 

Think like an investor, the primary goal is to make lots of money even when you are asleep, Platinum Class Funders fund anything they do not select just projects that are inline with their businesses. In investment it is about one thing - how much returns over time time - these funders' sole interest is to be multimillionaires.

Platinum Class Funders are committed and discipline to flip their money and returns at least 8 times per annum and we reward them very well. We reward your consistency by exposing projects that have high returns to you.

Avoid a downgrade to Standard Class by being a consistent and reliable Platinum Class Funder
Platinum Class Funder Benefits
  • Unlimited returns beyond the normal 10% per 30-40 days, you gain access to the high return premium purchase order projects, e.g. Rio Tinto Global Mine purchase orders, Rio Tinto after years of research & development in Madagascar is now in production and buys from South Africa. We deliver to their logistics partner in Johannesburg.
  • Collaborate on premium purchase orders with other Platinum Class Funders using our 3CX VOIP app where we have teleconferences and group chats etc.
  • Yearly Holiday Rewards to Platinum 7 Star Hotels around the world plus other premium benefits.
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Requirements to Platinum Class Funder:
  • Fund at least 1 project and you must have never been downgraded from Platinum Class Funder or any Funder Class before, if you have been downgraded then you must fund 2 projects with 10% return consistently or one after another to be upgraded.
  • Commitment to fund at least 8 purchase orders with annum.
  • Fund anything  it does not matter what type of purchase order - the goal is returns!
  • Re-invest your returns and capital - Platinum Class Funders, we need them to become multimillionaires in near future and the only way is them re-investing their returns after each project.
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Your Money Safety
We use the strongest means to collect your money, like taking over the Entrepreneur's bank account. Furthermore we become share holders in the Entrepreneur business for premium purchase orders/big purchase order projects which ensures 100% safety for Funders.

*Terms and Conditions Apply: Platinum Class Funder is defined as a sophisticated and trusted Funder who funds consistently and funds any project whose sole interest is making money. This is our elite and reliable Funders and if a Funder drops in being reliable, they are downgraded to the Standard Class Funder and disabled from our 3CX app collaboration tool with Platinum Class Funders through our 3CX app. Standard Class only gets the normal 10% per 30-40 days or projected 200% per annum while the Platinum Class Funders gain access to high return projects from our premier Entrepreneurs.

Platinum Class Funder Collaboration on Large Capital Needing Purchase Orders from Premium Clients

Platinum Class Funders in our Tender Funder club gain access to premium purchase orders that are high paying, and Platinum Class Funders can crowd fund a large project that needs say R1,2M etc and pay a higher return than the standard 10% per 30-40 days. 

Platinum Class Funders use our 3CX VOIP collaboration and telephony tool to communicate, and get notified of premium projects, I will send your 3CX VOIP extension number and instructions to download the 3CX app if you have funded 1 project in the past.

VOIP outgoing calls to landline and mobile phones save up to 80%, but don't call outside numbers but the extensions please, within this 3CX app else you will deplete our company VOIP credits 😁, but it is free telephony communication amongst our Tender Funder Club Platinum Class members.

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