Bakkie Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Bakkie Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

This is suitable for short-distance furniture or rubble removal and such pick and drop jobs, and people who may not have a good credit score or credit cards normally required for normal vehicle rentals. (if you need a bakkie for the whole day or many days we can negotiate a discount, but bakkie always comes with the driver).

So, as an example: 
You book a 1 ton bakkie to take your new couch, table, chairs and fridge from the shop where you bought them, to your home which is 15km away. Your cost will be R250 + 15km x R11 = R415.

  • no credit card requirement as with normal vehicle hire
  • no credit checks
  • no security deposit (can be R1650 to R4000)
  • no other hidden fees such accident cover (can be be R800 per matter), contract fees (can be R95), vehicle fuel extra charges, no valet charge (can be R650), no road fine and handling fees (can be R325 per matter), and more.
Request a quote: Complete your request for a bakkie and driver, no security deposit/credit checks needed, click/press here now.

How much does it Cost to book a Bakkie with a Driver?

You only pay for the distance from your pick-up point to your delivery point, that is, the distance (km) that your goods actually traveled on the bakkie plus a minimum fee depending on the bakkie size.

The bakkie fees (including a driver) are as follows:

  1. 1,5 ton – R350 plus R13 per km  /  A bout  R1130 for 1 hour or 60km

  2. 1 ton – R250 plus R11 per km /  A bout R910 for 1 hour or 60km

  3. Half ton – R200 plus R10 per km /  A bout R800 for 1 hour or 60km

So, as an example:  You book a 1 ton bakkie to take your new couch, table, chairs and fridge from the shop where you bought them, to your home which is 15km away. Your cost will be R250 + 15km x R11 = R415.

How do I get a quote?

In order to get a quote please go to Request A Bakkie Quote Now! (click or press this link to book)  and follow the below process:

Enter the bakkie size, pick-up date, pick-up time and pick-up address in the spaces provided. Click ‘GET FREE QUOTE NOW’ and the closest bakkie’s to the pick-up address will be displayed.

Enter the Delivery address in the space provided. (You can also drag the red pointer on each map to the exact location you require and costs will be automatically recalculated). Then tell us what is being delivered and any special requests that you may have.

Wait a few seconds and the Distance, Cost per km and the Cost will be displayed on the screen. This is your Quote. 

Click or press on ‘GET A FREE QUOTE NOW’ button.

How do I Book a Bakkie?

Follow the Quote process as described above.

Then, should you wish to book a bakkie, please enter your details, read the T&C’s and then click the little box next to ‘Yes, I accept the T&C’s, disclaimer and privacy policy’ (You can read the T&C’s by clicking on it). Finally click ‘Book a Bakkie’ and the process below will be started.

The Process:
Customer books a bakkie, bakkie driver confirms availability, customer pays bakkie (in full or a deposit), trip is completed, customer and bakkie driver confirm completed trip, we pay bakkie driver (or if a deposit was paid, then the customer will pay the balance to the driver COD).

It is an automated online (computer or mobile) process prompted by emails and SMS with click throughs at each stage in the above process.

What do I do if I need Labour to help load my goods?

The cost you pay when booking a bakkie, excludes labour.

The driver will help you load light goods but if any heavy goods and rubble are being moved, you can request this via the Special Requests text box when you book, then after payment you can ask the bakkie driver to arrange labour at a price determined by him/her (Typically R80-R100 per labourer per small load and R120-R150 for big loads). Alternatively you will need to arrange this yourself.

Can I book Multiple drop-off and pick-up points?

This is unfortunately not possible at present. You will need to book each trip separately as we only do point-to-point deliveries

Will my goods be Insured by bakkie?

No, your goods  will not be insured by bakkie during pick-up, transportation and drop-off. You will need to arrange insurance separately.

Can I get a refund if the load is not completed?

Yes, we will refund you in full if the driver for some reason does not arrive, does not meet your special requirements as captured in your booking, or the labour rates cannot be agreed as per our guideline. However, in order to be refunded for all other reasons, we require 24 hours notice of cancellation in writing as well as you informing the driver, should you change your mind and not want to do the load after paying for it.

How is Payment for booking a bakkie done?

Once a driver accepts your requested booking, you will automatically be sent an Email as well as an SMS, containing a link for you to make payment. You simply have to click on this and you will be directed to our payment gateway.

You can  pay in full OR you can pay a 20% deposit and the balance COD directly to the bakkie driver. It’s up to you which payment method you prefer and both payment methods (In Full or Deposit) must be PAID ONLINE via the link we send you via SMS and email (using Credit Card, Debit Card, Instant EFT, Masterpass (Zapper & SnapScan), Bitcoin, Shoprite, Post Office, Checkers Hyper and House & Home).